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What is Locator?

Geocoding is the process of converting geographic information into latitude/longitude coordinate pairs. For example, 123 Main Street, in Anytown, USA, is geographic information. But that information must be transformed into numeric values (“coordinates”) before the address can be displayed on a map.
Geocoding parses the address components, and matches them to a database of coordinate information.

These coordinates are required by mapping software, which displays the location, and usesthis location to determine analytical information, such as trade area determination, customer origination studies, competition maps or batched site analysis.

The Challenge:

AAssigning accurate coordinates to address-based databases (geocoding) is the first step in any geographic analysis. Processing speed, the ability to properly assign the correct coordinates, ease of use, and high costs for geocoding software has historically limited users ability to properly leverage the technology.

The Solution

AST Locator is designed to be fast, easy-to-use and accurate, leveraging the most recent street address data and processing technology. Semi-annual updates are included with each license, ensuring that the data are current. AST has optimized the processing throughout, with rates of over 10,000 records/second, so you can complete your geocoding quickly and move on to the analysis.

Why You Need Locator

When it is impractical to enter large numbers of addresses by hand, you should consider a “batch” geocoding option.

Batch geocoding allows you to load a database of addresses, process the database in an unattended mode, and append latitude/longitude coordinates to each record as additional data. Then all addresses can be displayed.

Some Quick Facts About Locator:

National: $2,995/year

File Format Support:
Delimited Text
MapInfo Native Table

Geocoder Output :
County Code
Census Tract Code
Block Group Code
Block Code
USPS Standardized Addresses

AST Locator is very affordable and is priced so that everyone can now afford their own geocoder.

For more information about AST Locator, or to place an order, please contact your AST Reseller.




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